Bookkeeping for Dummies

Learn how to get to grips with bookkeeping basics, record business transactions correctly, manage employee payroll, decipher GST and create financial statements. All within the pages of one book. This title has been written for both Australia and New Zealand, with specific information about dealing with employees and GST in each country.

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Bookkeeping for Dummies: Product Details

* Paperback: 389 pages
* Publisher: Wiley Publishing Australia Pty Ltd
* ISBN: 174216-971-2

Bookkeeping for Dummies: Product Description

This book talks about bookkeeping for all sizes of business, both large and small. You may be a business owner trying to figure out how to do a simple set of books for your new business, or be a seasoned bookkeeper working for a multi-million dollar enterprise. Or maybe you have trouble balancing the books for your small business each month, or you're a professional bookkeeper wishing to hone your skills. This books starts with the basics of bookkeeping, and building to more complex topics later on. Whatever your boookeeping needs, this practical guide to the ins and outs of business transactions will help ensure that the numbers add up – every time.

About the Authors

Veechi Curtis is a qualified accountant and business consultant who specialises in small business finance, marketing and technology and is the author of several business titles, including Small Business For Dummies. Lynley Averis is a New Zealand MYOB training specialist and business consultant.