A Self-Paced Course for MYOB Software by Bronwyn De Losa

In A Self-Paced Course for MYOB Software, author and TAFE teacher Bronwyn De Losa leads you through a series of practical exercises, all based on a real-life business.

Using a range of activities, students discover how to:

  • Process customer payments and look up customer balances
  • Record supplier invoices, supplier payments and make supplier account enquiries
  • Process weekly payroll
  • Reconcile bank and credit card accounts
  • Setup and balance petty cash
  • Understand key financial reports
  • Code transactions correctly for GST, and generate their first Business Activity Statement

Students check their own work by reconciling bank and credit card accounts, as well as balancing petty cash.

Introduce a contemporary viewpoint: This workbook has less emphasis on cheques, deposit slips, manual journals and trial balances and highlights the importance of electronic transactions, accounting software and managing information sensitively in our current business environment.

Reinforce the things that are important: In the same way that bookkeepers do some activities more often than others, this workbook identifies and emphasises the tasks that bookkeepers do most frequently, and provides repetition and practice in these areas. Students repeat key activities such as recording sales or processing payroll transactions many times. The instructions become slightly more summarised each time, helping students to gain confidence through the process of recollection and practice.

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Company file for Snip and Cut Hairdressing business

If you are working through the course at home you will need the sample company file snipandcut.myo to complete some of the workbook exercises for the Snip and Cut Hairdressing business. To install, right click on snipandcut.myo and choose "Save Link as". Rename the file to snipandcut.myo and save the file to your desktop or other convenient folder.


A Self-Paced Course for MYOB Software: Product Details

* Paperback: 250 pages
* Publisher: Woodslane Press Pty Ltd
* ISBN: 978-1922-131348

A Self-Paced Course for MYOB Software: Description

  • A student version of MYOB software on DVD
  • 46 exercises, spanning 11 weeks of transactions for a real business
  • A reference section of how-to guides, showing step-by-step instructions for key activities
  • An answers section for all questions asked , along with a complete index
  • An MYOB company file, configured and ready for students to enter data

A Self-Paced Course for MYOB Software--Teacher's Guide: Description

The teacher's guide works hand in hand with A Self-Paced Course for MYOB Software and includes:

  • Suggested session plans and lesson structures
  • Sample assessments, all of which you can also download to customise for your students
  • Mapping guides for each unit of competency for both A Self-Paced Course for MYOB Software and Making the Most of MYOB Software.

If you are a teacher and would like to purchase a copy or receive a review copy, please phone Derek Hall at Woodslane Press on (02) 8445 2300 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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