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Reader Feedback for our MYOB, QuickBooks and Small Business titles 

"Your books and your sense of humour have helped me stay sane over the last 6 months."  Leonie

“This book is the best investment I have ever made! It answers all my questions, and in simple easy to understand terms. Thanks!” Jasmin Galati

 “I never thought I would get an email from the author or the opportunity to say a big 'thank you' for your publications. They really are wonderful books. I will buy the next edition.”  Norman Moy

“I have been pleasantly surprised by the depth of information covered in Small Business for Dummies, I wish there had been something like this available when we started out. I recommend this book to all who ‘think’ they know it all, because it contains a lot of new information as well as reassurance that some of what they have been doing right in the past is correct. Small business operators/proprietors usually operate in isolation because they are too busy working hard to stay in business than to make any money, this is a great resource to have on the desk or by the bed for the quiet times when they have a few moments to read.”  Bill Edwards

"Just wanted to thank you for your amazingly helpful book Quickbooks QB for Dummies.  Your book helps me out everytime! It is so easy to understand, and the fact that it is Australian is fabulous. I have just reconciled another month, thanks to you!"  Jane Faase

“Your website and particularly the forums have been an invaluable resource for me in the last two years, as I have returned to the world of consulting to small business. When I am looking for something specific to troubleshoot an MYOB "how do I do this" situation or an accounting conundrum that has me baffled in the moment, I often find myself on your website and most importantly, generally find the answer there. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all the invaluable contribution you make and that I am excited about your latest offering Bookkeeping for Dummies."  Veronica Rhodes

“I bought your book on Bookkeeping for Dummies and I also have the MYOB software one as well.  I really love the way you write and the way you explain things.  Thank you.”  Karen Wright

“Yours is the first book I turn to.” Kevin Russell

 “I wouldn’t have become an MYOB Certified Consultant without the introduction from Making the Most of MYOB and Making the Most of MYOB’s Payroll – can’t wait for the next edition.” Pru M Tallboys, Sandy Bay, TAS

“Veechi answers the question everyone asks. Much easier to read than the MYOB manuals. Thanks for your help over the years.” Linda King, Bateman WA

“Finally, a way to stress out and laugh at the same time!  Veechi, I love recommending your books to clients.” Kerrie Smith, Port Macquarie, NSW

 “I recommend Veechi's books to all my clients and all my students. Well designed, well written, well targeted and, well, ..... great!” Peter Leonard, Griffith

"I would recommend Veechi's QuickBooks QBi for Dummies to anyone. It is easy to use and extremely resourceful. I will definitely be keeping my eye out for future releases." Samantha Stone, QuickBooks Documentation Team

“Making the Most of MYOB is a great resource for those who don’t like manuals - easy to understand and the tips are a bonus.” Roslyn Little, Brisbane

“I have used your books since 2001 and they are a valuable resource to me as a Certified Consultant and the primary reference material I recommend to my clients.” Michelle Ashton, CPA, Teralba, NSW

“Making the Most of MYOB" was my one and only MYOB bible when I was learning how to use the program. Jonathan Amos BA FCA, Bedford, WA

“The only book I have found that answers your MYOB questions in layman's terms”. Lee Barnes, Launceston, TAS.

“With MYOB Software for Dummies, this bookkeeping lark is not only easy to understand, it’s even kind of fun.” Roslyn Baker, Blackheath, NSW.

“I have been a MYOB consultant on the Sunshine Coast and in Melbourne for the last 3 years (and in business for 11 years) and always recommend "Making the most of MYOB" books to new clients I train. These books are written are in such an easy format that new and old users alike can look up queries with ease.” Teena Coman, Melbourne, VIC.

 “I recommend Making the Most of MYOB Software to all of my students and clients because it is packed with practical tips, techniques and examples for managing MYOB in the real world.” Cindy Drew, Rozelle, NSW.  

“I teach MYOB courses for Curtin Training Solutions in Kalgoorlie WA and through my own consultancy business. I have always recommended Veechi’s books to my students. Many of them come back for the Advanced course to say they have bought one or both of them and thanking me for recommending such great books. But the best report I had was when you rang Susan Stirling personally because her order was sent incorrectly.  Thank you so much for your personal touch you really impressed Susan who raved about you over our morning tea break during the Advanced course. I just wanted to thank you for your books and encourage you in the great job you do.” Karen Crouch, WA

“Veechi, your book Small Business For Dummies is worth its weight in gold, I've learnt so much from it as it’s so easy to read and understand. I recommend it to anyone wanting to learn a thing or two about business in general.” Mitchell James

“As a small business owner just starting, your book is the first one I turn to, your in-depth knowledge in the areas presented in your Small Business for Dummies has certainly helped me in looking out for common pitfalls and also how to become successful by simply following the guidelines presented within your book. Thanks a million.”  Steven Daniel

“Hi Veechi, I have just purchased a copy of MYOB For Dummies and I have found the book very useful and clearly spells out everything in clear English. Thanks.” Paul Zanardo

“Good Afternoon Veechi, I work a lot with MYOB and have used your books as a point of reference on many occasions.  Recently I have commenced training people on a one-on-one basis and of course taking my trustworthy book with me only to end up in the hands of my trainees.  You are to be congratulated on the book.” Debbie Schubert, GCPA ANIA

“A friend lent me Making the Most of MYOB and it has been my bible.  Thank you.”  Marion Mapleston

“Thanks Veechi,I would just like to let you know how useful I have found your books. I started with Making the Most of MYOB version 7 and I have just upgraded to version 8. I also have MYOB Payroll 2nd Edition. It really helped me sort out some issues with SGC super and payroll categories. Also your BAS checklist makes this regular chore a real breeze. Congratulations on these truly excellent publications.” Chris Hendry

“Veechi, Just wanted to drop you a note after being a new comer to your MYOB  books and your website forum.  After having conducted quite an amount of research in which avenues to pursue for help in my new business (business services and bookkeeping) I have found both your book and your website to most helpful.  I particularly like the down to earth approach and the clear solutions and instructions. Thank you for providing a wonderful forum for communication and learning for today's bookkeepers....it is refreshing to find someone willing to share....without the usual  requirement of filling out a credit card debit form! Many thanks.” Terry Thomas

“Your website is fantastic, and so user-friendly. I buy a new copy of your book when released, as I work with several versions of MYOB. It is a fantastic resource, and I have recommended it to so many of my clients. Thanks so much.” Barbara Austin

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